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Hey guys,
Sorry I haven’t blogged in AGES!!!!
However, next week is my birthday!!!
I’m so excited because I’m turning 13 and I’m a teenager :-).
My birthday’s next Wednesday and I’ve been told to get to school later than I normally do (I suspect a locker decoration :-D)

Hope to be blogging more often now that my homework load has lessened.


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Hey everyone!

As you may have noticed, I have not been blogging very much for the past two or three weeks. Something you might not know is that I was busy because I was (and still am) on holidays!

To keep up with the ‘Holiday’ theme of this post, I am asking you to come up with an idea that could turn an extremely exciting holiday into a horrible one. Be creative!

Please comment on this post with your idea!

I will select the best one and will write a story about it!

So, get commenting!

Keep Blogging,


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100 Word Challenge – Challenge 36

Hi Everyone!

I have yet again entered the 100 Word Challenge. This week the prompt was:


I need to include those words in my 100 Word Challenge.

So here are my 100 Words!


Tears filled my eyes as I thought of summer. I would spend everyone’s favourite holiday in captivity.

The war went on, without anyone realising that danger was right outside his or her door, or that 300 children were being held captive. I no longer had dreams like any ordinary person, like flying or riding polar bears or driving expensive black cars. I had dreams of the secret war, the war that would conquer the whole world.

If only I could triumph and save the world.

But I couldn’t.

And I knew I never, ever could.

Nobody could triumph over the war.


I hope you liked it!


Keep Blogging,



Another Harry Potter Blog Club Update!

Hey everyone!

In addition to my Harry Potter Blog Club, I have added some information as to patronuses! You can view it on the page linked above or here:

I have also discovered a Quiz to Define your Patronus.

What did you get? My patronus is a dolphin!

Tell me your response in comments!

Keep Blogging (and reading and watching Harry Potter as well)


P.S. Into the Pensieve is a Harry Potter Blog made by me and my friend Esha. If you are a Harry Potter head like me and Esha, visit Into the Pensieve and have a little browse around.
P.P.S. To see the post I made last year on Esha, click here.

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Taylor Swift

Hey everyone,
I’m not sure if any of you know this, but I love Taylor Swift!
My Aunty got me a piano/vocal sheet music for Taylor Swift’s new album Red! I am so excited!

In case you didn’t know, I love singing and playing the piano as well! Anyway, I have a few music questions for you:

Who is your favourite band/singer?

Do you play an instrument?

If so, what instrument do you play?

What instrument do you want to play?

Answer in comments!

Keep Blogging,

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100 Word Challenge – Challenge 32

Hi everyone!

Sorry I haven’t been able to post for a while, but I’ve been really busy lately. I’m sure you’re getting tired of the same excuse. 🙂

I have decided to do the 100 Word Challenge this week. The prompt is:


…as the sun came out…


And here are my 100 words!


We sat there, on the grass, on that windy night, the green grass blowing and getting stuck in our long hair. This was Olivia and my favourite pastime – sitting in the field by our small cottage, staring up at the bright stars and their blue-grey companion at the break of dawn. Often we would chat and try to find constellations in the sky, or we would be quiet and marvel at the moon’s beauty. As the sun came out, the beautiful milky grey shape disappeared and the magic of the night faded away as if it had never been there.


Keep Blogging,



More Little Alchemy Cheats

Here are some more little Alchemy cheats. The first 5 can be seen on the ‘Little Alchemy Cheats’ page.

6. Archipelago = Isle and Isle

7. Leather = Blade and Cow

8. Wine = Alcohol and Fruit

9. Telescope = Sky and Glass

10. Stone = Air and Lava


By visiting the page you can also learn what Little Alchemy is, if you have never heard of it!


Keep Blogging,


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100 Word Challenge: Challenge 29

Hi everyone,

I’m afraid I was really busy last week and was unable to create the previous 100wc. Hope this one makes up for it. 🙂

The prompt this week is…


…suddenly the pain in my arm…


And here are my 100 Words!


Ouch. I wish I could be that person again who told everyone they knew that they had never broken a bone. Since last week, I’m not that person anymore. I broke my arm. Of course, I’m out today, minding my own business, hoping that I’ll come across an adventure or two. I love adventures, no matter what they are. I spot a small purple tent and make my way over to it. Purple reminds me of superiority, something that I wouldn’t mind having. Making my way over, the pain in my arm intensified as someone ran into me. I fainted.


Keep Blogging,


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100 Word Challenge, Challenge 27

Hey everyone,

I am writing another 100 Word Challenge.

This time, the prompt is…


…the green shoots could just be seen…


And here are my 100 Words!


It wasn’t a pretty sight. Through my window, the green shoots could just be seen, but I could still tell they meant peril. I don’t know why April went in there! She was being enveloped and crushed by the mass of green. Shooting down the stairs, I made my way towards the glass greenhouse in which April was trapped in, threw open the door and ran to help her. But there was one little problem. The plants were making their way, very slowly towards me. I backed up to the door, tripping over a plant pot. There was no escape.


Keep Blogging,



By the way, see my other 100 Word Challenges here.

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Little Alchemy

Hi all readers,

I have recently discovered a game called Little Alchemy that is really fun. You start out with the four elements (Water, Fire, Earth and Air) and you combine them to make other things and you combine those other things to make more things and so on! I recommend Little Alchemy to all those people out there. If you do like it, I am going to make a page about Little Alchemy and will post 5 cheats every week, and will also post to tell you those cheats. So, get going! Here are the first five cheats!

  1. Seaplane = Aeroplane and Sea
  2. Electric Eel = Electricity and Fish
  3. Yoda = Jedi and Swamp
  4. Lava Lamp = Lamp and Lava
  5. Ambulance = Car and Hospital

Keep Blogging,


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