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I’d Like you to meet… THE HARRY POTTER HEAD!

on June 12, 2012

So, hi.
I’ve been asked to write a post by my friend Esha. You probably don’t know her. So I will tell you about her. For one thing, she is a HARRY POTTER HEAD. Just like me! And second, she is Double S. Strange name, eh? Well, I’ll tell you how she got it and it will all make sense.

Hi, I’m Mel. Really. My nickname is Mel! I’m the Lucy that usually types here, though. From now on, I will close off as Mel. So if you go ‘Who is the world is Mel???’, you can only blame yourself for not reading this post, because it really is interesting. Anyway, I’ll tell you what Mel is for after I tell you what Double S is.

Okay, so you know Double S is Esha. I’ve already got that covered. But why is she Double S? I’ll tell you now. So we wanted to call ourselves Harry Potter characters (that is to say, Esha, me and our friends Chloe and Yuri), so I became Mad-Eye Moody, Esha became Snape, Chloe became Wormtail, and Yuri became Narcissa Malfoy. So then we realised that Severus Snape’s initials were SS. So Esha became Double S, and that was that. But Mel is much more complicated.

Somehow, the name Mad-Eye Moody changed into Mad-Eye Lucy. I can’t exactly remember how, but I think it had something to do with Yuri. She still calls me Mad-Eye. So then we thought Mad-Eye Lucy was too long for a nickname. Check out what we did:




Look at the first letter of each word. What do they spell? Mel! And that was that.

I’m afraid the rest of the story will have to wait. I’m afraid I have to go.

Keep Blogging,

3 Responses to “I’d Like you to meet… THE HARRY POTTER HEAD!”

  1. Esha-T&T says:

    Hi Mel!

    Thank you for writing a post!!
    Anyway, just wanted to point out something, you said Chloe is Wormtail when she is actually Tonks!! And Sophie is actually Wormtail!! Well, anyway, I liked that post. And yes, people reading this, I am THE Double S.

    I love your blog so keep writing posts!
    Esha (T&T)
    A.K.A- Double S

  2. coco2812011 says:

    Maybe next you could tell everyone how my nicknames rapidly changed?!?

    Your friend and co-blogger,


  3. Chloe says:

    I am actually now Ariana Dumbledore!

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